Myo Munchee

Young girl smiling

What does Myo Munchee do?

The Myo Munchee is an oral device that helps strengthen lip and facial muscles, correct breathing patterns and improve the health of teeth and gums.

The Myo Munchee can be used to treat a variety of conditions:

  • Crooked Bite

    Crooked bite, or "malocclusion," is a growing issue in the modern world. . The Myo Munchee works together with your body to create more oral space by aligning teeth and widening your jaws.

  • Thumb, Finger and/or Hair Sucking:

    The Myo Munchee can also help break finger chewing and sucking habits. While these habits might appear to be simply irritating, they can be particularly destructive to the development of the jaws, teeth, and the bones.

  • Speech Problems

    Speech issues often accompany crooked bites and finger/thumb sucking. While the Myo Munchee is not specifically designed as a speech therapy tool, its use can have a direct effect on the muscles involved with speech.

  • Gum Problems

    The Myo Munchee was first developed to treat gum disease by functioning like a toothbrush, sweeping and cleaning the teeth and gums and helping to oxygenate the tissue by flushing them with protective saliva.

  • Ear Infections

    Parents are often surprised to hear that the Myo Munchee can help with ear infections. The action of the Myo Munchee appliance helps create negative pressure inside the eustachian tubes that assists with drainage and helps correct reverse swallow patterns.

***Information provided by Myo Munchee