MassHealth Appeal

To the valued patients of Berkshire Pediatric Dentistry (BPD) and their families:

Unfortunately, due to skyrocketing costs of Personal Protective Equipment coupled with MassHealth’s failure to increase reimbursement for pediatric dental offices since 2009, our practice has no choice but to stop accepting MassHealth effective January 1, 2022. At the current reimbursement level, we would not be able to keep our office open and continue to provide care at the level we have come to expect of ourselves with materials we trust.

These are decisions we do not take lightly. For the past year, we have had discussions with the Director of MassHealth as well as with our state representative. We have advocated tirelessly for our patients and community; however, we do not foresee significant change in the near future. We encourage you to take action and contact your state representative and/or MassHealth to let them know that change is needed. We will provide a template for advocacy and other helpful information below. We hope that with the help of our community, we can enact meaningful change.

Offering care to patients with MassHealth is important to us and we will continue to advocate for children in Berkshire County. We hope that our combined efforts will encourage MassHealth to take action and that we will be able to provide care again for all children in our community.

Template for Advocacy

Dear [State Representative/Senator/MassHealth Representative],

MassHealth has not increased their reimbursement for children’s dentistry since 2009 (with the exception of a crown code in 2012). Since 2009, cost of living has increased over 20% and average rent has increased almost 30% in Massachusetts. At the very least, MassHealth needs to keep up with inflation. Furthermore, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and costs have skyrocketed, forcing many dental offices to limit or stop accepting insurance plans that offer low reimbursements since they no longer cover the costs of care. Government sponsored insurance is supposed to make healthcare accessible to everyone, but that can only be the case when local providers accept that plan.

We are asking for you to champion an across the board increase in MassHealth fees for children to allow dental offices to continue to accept MassHealth. 

Our children deserve more.

[Your name here}

Contact Information:

  • State Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier

    Phone: (617) 722-2240

  • State Representative Smitty Pignatelli

    Phone: (617) 722-2210

  • State Representative John Barrett, III

    Phone: (617) 722-2305

  • State Representative Paul Mark

    Phone: (617) 722-2692

  • Senator Adam Hinds

    Phone: (617) 722-1625

  • Mass Health Representative

    Phone: (800) 207-5019